A.T., Client, Arts & Crafts Residence

Every visitor to our home stares drop-jawed with amazement at the great room – at the details of woodwork, at the openness of living space that extends uninterrupted onto the verandah.

T.D., Client, Mill Valley Cape Cod

Our experience working with Michael Rex Architects was very positive, especially in comparison to the stories that our friends told us of working with their architects. This was our first time taking on a major renovation project and we would work with them again.

J.W., Client, Mountain Lodge

A neighbor used Michael Rex and recommended the firm to us. We went with the recommendation and are thrilled with our home. In fact, they’re now designing a home for one of our friends.

T.D., Client, Mill Valley Cape Cod

Our home is now a perfect fit. It’s unpretentious and comfortable, and allows us to move around naturally inside and out. It’s not showy, but that’s not at all what we were going for. We wanted a timeless home for our family, and we’re thrilled now to live in one.

C.S., Client, Speculative Projects

To be most effective, the architect must be involved in his projects during construction. Michael Rex is excellent at resolving issues and leads the team through any that arise. I would recommend Michael and his team 100%.

A.T., Client, Arts & Crafts Residence

Each day I am grateful to find that I am living in the home I had blurrily envisioned for my future. Now I see the details that give our house its personality: strength, gracefulness. originality and calm.

John Merten, Landscape Architect

I’ve worked with Michael Rex Architects for years. I find their designs to be client-focused. Instead of a firm’s style, they design for the client.


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